Vegan Grilled Cheese


Everything I’ve ever learned about making a good grilled cheese, I learned from my ex. Over our 10 years together I’ve tackled kitchen projects big and small, but the perfect grilled cheese always escaped me until he stepped in and taught me a few tricks.

All of which I applied the day I discovered Daiya. And even though I will gladly trot down to the market any day of the week and shell out $5 for a tiny wedge of cheese I’ll probably finish in 2 seconds, I’m really impressed with Daiya.

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Gluten-Free Mac ‘n’ Cheese

If there’s one guilty pleasure I have (I know – just one? So cute.) it’s mac ‘n’ cheese. Back when I entertained a gluten-free partner it was hard to justify buying it in boxes for three reasons:

  1. Finishing an entire box on my own, while filling, also makes me feel like a little oinker.
  2. Leftover mac ‘n’ cheese never tastes the same. In fact, it usually tastes like nothing at all. What’s the deal with that?!
  3. Rice mac is just too expensive and not that good.

It seemed like every recipe I came across for cheese sauce was way too complicated. I entertained the idea of casseroles or other baked pasta dishes, but it wasn’t the same.

Finally, I found a recipe– an easy one– and altered it a bit, coming out with the creamiest, cheesiest, gluten-free-y-ist mac ‘n’ cheese ever.

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