Whole Bowl Tali Sauce


While I don’t remember the first time I ever had a Whole Bowl, I can perfectly remember the day I learned how to make Tali Sauce. It was a summer evening and I had a craving. Food carts were nearing closing time as I sat at my kitchen table on the verge of becoming hangry. So I did what any child of the Internet would do: I turned to Google.

Call it what you will: Tali Sauce, Northwest Sauce, Yum Sauce… If you’re from Portland you’ve probably had one of its many variations, or something close enough. And in all its myriad forms, surely someone, somewhere has tried to recreate this sauce, right? 

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Spicy & Sour Black Bean Soup

Yesterday I got a hankerin’ for black bean soup, but the only kind I knew how to make involved sweet potatoes, a blender and a lot of trouble. I thought back to the good ol’ days when I worked at Sue’s Java Cafe in Redding, where the soupe du jour was often times the most delicious and simple black bean soup I’ve ever had.

I took a lot of recipes with me after I quit working there… Why I didn’t bother taking this one that I’m now craving is beyond me! I couldn’t even remember the basic ingredients that went into the soup pot, so I tried to push it out of my mind and strive for something different, but just as hanker-fulfilling. I ended up with a black bean soup that is a little spicy, very sour, a tad sweet and best of all – super easy. 

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Bean Burgers!

In case you’re wondering, the exclamation point in the title was extremely necessary. This was the first time I made bean burgers and, despite a huge bump in the road, they turned out wonderful with the help of a little improvisation.

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