Chipwich Island

Doesn’t that sound like the most amazing vacation spot on the face of the Earth? Too bad it doesn’t exist. Or maybe it’s a good thing it doesn’t exist, since I just got way too excited fantasizing about a fictional island where sandwiches stacked with potato chips are an unlimited resource.

Well, the point of this post was not for me to look like a weirdo (too late!) but for me to say… If you’ve never had a chipwich, you’re missing out.



If I wasn’t already set into the photography life, I’d totally start a chipwich food cart.

And all the island talk? We just acquired a kitchen island from some neighbors down the hall who’re moving to California. I christened it this morning with the above chipwich. The wood is a little beat up, which means I’m totally in love.

This chipwich was made with Paesano bread from Grand Central Bakery, Wellshire Farms pastrami, mayo, Dijon mustard, thinly sliced purple onion, Colby Jack cheese and Sour Cream Cheddar potato chips.

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