Herbed Pizza Dough


Back in high school I was quite the wannabe Betsy Homemaker and one of the first things I decided to tackle was pizza dough. While it was everything I’d always dreamed of before (why don’t pizza places offer pepperjack cheese? It’s seriously amazing on a pie!), when I look back my dough could’ve been a little more refined.

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The Best Brownies. Ever.

When it comes to brownies I’m not hard to please, and that’s my cue to rattle off all my extremely specific qualifications for the perfect brownie.

First things first, they cannot be described as having a “crust.” I will suck it up and eat most anything out of a pathetic combination of desperation and boredom, but if a brownie has crispy, brittle, dry edges I’ll probably cry and think about how much I wish I wasn’t eating it (but will still eat it, obvs).

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Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Awhile back I’d caught a whiff of raving over the blogosphere regarding this recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I’m not really big on eating cookies, but I love to bake them. Something about the process of baking is so much more satisfying than actually horking down the fruits of my labor. As you can see, this usually ends well for friends of mine.

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Chai from Scratch

Sometimes making stuff from scratch isn’t always as practical as just going to the store and paying someone to give it to you quick and dirty (wait, that didn’t come out right…).

For most folks, I imagine homemade chai will fall into that category. It’s not like the salsa recipe I posted last week, which was easy, cost efficient and full of simple ingredients found in any grocery store. With chai, while most of the ingredients are pretty simple, there are things like whole star anise and cardamom pods that might scare some away.

But, stay with me here, because I promise it’s worth it.

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Balsamic Strawberry Jam

I’ve always been a fan of weird food combos. Watermelon and Purple Onion? Yum! Popcorn and Soy Sauce? Duh. Cheez-Its and Vanilla Ice Cream? PLEASE BELIEVE IT.

So, when I first read about a no-pectin strawberry jam made with balsamic vinegar, my first thought was …………

I didn’t actually have a first thought, because I was too busy conjuring up images of all the baked goods I’d be slathering this jam all over. 

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