Bean Burgers!

In case you’re wondering, the exclamation point in the title was extremely necessary. This was the first time I made bean burgers and, despite a huge bump in the road, they turned out wonderful with the help of a little improvisation.

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Oatmeal Date Bars

This was the first recipe I attempted to veganize from my new cookie cookbook and with delicious results! I worked with what I had in my pantry, using pecans instead of walnuts and Ener-G Egg Replacer instead of actual eggs. If I make these again I’d like to try using bananas for the egg substitute– a hint of banana would work really well with these.

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(No) Chicken Chinese Salad

I haven’t made this salad mix in over a year, but for some reason I got a huge craving for it today. Not only is it a jiffy to make, but it sits lightly in my stomach. Granted, since I stopped buying dairy it was a bit less exciting without the cream cheese on toasted Rye, but it can definitely hold its own in a dairy-free environment.

To be completely honest this is one of a few recipes I hijacked from a cafe I used to work at back home and adapted to my tastes– which included throwing out the chicken that is traditionally used. For awhile I felt a bit guilty, but within the last few months the original owners sold the cafe, so I like to feel as if I’m helping keep the spirit of the old store alive. 😉

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Vegan Thai Pizza

Ever since school started back up I had to take a bit of a break from any serious cooking. My pantry full of canned soups, pastas and rice is proof of what a busy semester I’m having. But a canceled class at the start of the weekend meant I had extra time to make something worth blogging about. I had been eyeing the recipe for Thai pizza in Vegan World Fusion Cuisine for a long time, but just reading the directions made me tired, and the very idea of this recipe kind of embodied everything I hate about being in the kitchen, so I wasn’t quick to give it a try.

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Banana Date Bread


Earlier this week a big storm rolled over the coast and as the rain poured in, my internet went out. It was a mix of good and bad– finals are literally right around the corner, so I definitely had other things to do, but I hated being away from my beloved innertubes.

It also gave me the chance to experiment with this bread recipe. I had made the Vegan World Fusion Cuisine cookbook’s Bananananda Bread exactly as described, with a few additions of course. But it calls for ½ cup of maple syrup, which would cost a small fortune if I wanted to bake this on a regular basis.

So, I tinkered and came out with a recipe that, as far as I can tell, tastes just the same.

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