Salted Chocolate Syrup

When I decided to start making my own syrups, one of the first flavors that came to mind was chocolate, because, duh. I have to admit, I didn’t get too excited when I put this in my coffee the other morning, which had been my original intention. If I had the capabilities to brew espresso at home, it would’ve been an outrageously good d.i.y. mocha– but since I just have my French press, the combination doesn’t really do it for me.

However, I did get excited when I put it in some warm milk for the most delicious cup of hot cocoa I’ve ever had. And then drizzled all the heck over some Banans that were lying around. Perhaps a little too excited. There were, like, at least five OMGs within the span of AH minute. 

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Gluten-Free Apple Crisp


Ever since we got back from our 2 months in Thailand my partner has shown signs of a developing wheat allergy, so we’ve tried to put the brakes on his wheat intake as much as possible. Originally, I was planning on making him an apple pie for his birthday, but I didn’t have the energy to try something that new and risk failure (I’ve learned the hard way that special occasions are not the time to be daring in the kitchen).

So, instead I made apple crisp, which is essentially just pie with a sugar topping instead of a crust. The best part about a crisp as opposed to a pie is that you can pretty much do whatever you want– adjust the recipe below to suit your tastes.

For gluten-free purposes I replaced the traditional oats with chopped walnuts, just to be safe, and served it with a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream. Is there any other way to eat apple crisp?

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