Spicy & Sour Black Bean Soup

Yesterday I got a hankerin’ for black bean soup, but the only kind I knew how to make involved sweet potatoes, a blender and a lot of trouble. I thought back to the good ol’ days when I worked at Sue’s Java Cafe in Redding, where the soupe du jour was often times the most delicious and simple black bean soup I’ve ever had.

I took a lot of recipes with me after I quit working there… Why I didn’t bother taking this one that I’m now craving is beyond me! I couldn’t even remember the basic ingredients that went into the soup pot, so I tried to push it out of my mind and strive for something different, but just as hanker-fulfilling. I ended up with a black bean soup that is a little spicy, very sour, a tad sweet and best of all – super easy. 

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