Vegan Grilled Cheese


Everything I’ve ever learned about making a good grilled cheese, I learned from my husband. Over our 10+ years together I’ve tackled kitchen projects big and small, but the perfect grilled cheese always escaped me until he stepped in and taught me a few tricks.

All of which I applied the day I discovered Daiya. And even though I will gladly trot down to the market any day of the week and shell out $5 for a tiny wedge of cheese I’ll probably finish in 2 seconds, I’m in love with Daiya.

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Chipwich Island

Doesn’t that sound like the most amazing vacation spot on the face of the Earth? Too bad it doesn’t exist. Or maybe it’s a good thing it doesn’t exist, since I just got way too excited fantasizing about a fictional island where sandwiches stacked with potato chips are an unlimited resource.

Well, the point of this post was not for me to look like a weirdo (too late!) but for me to say… If you’ve never had a chipwich, you’re missing out.

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Bean Burgers!

In case you’re wondering, the exclamation point in the title was extremely necessary. This was the first time I made bean burgers and, despite a huge bump in the road, they turned out wonderful with the help of a little improvisation.

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(No) Chicken Chinese Salad

I haven’t made this salad mix in over a year, but for some reason I got a huge craving for it today. So glad I ran to the store to pick up the ingredients! Not only is it a jiffy to make, but it sits lightly in my stomach, unlike most sandwiches. Granted, since I don’t buy dairy anymore it was a bit less exciting without the cream cheese on toasted Rye, but it can definitely hold its own in a dairy-free environment.

To be completely honest this is one of a few recipes I hijacked from a cafe I used to work at back home and adapted to my tastes– which included throwing out the chicken that is traditionally used. For awhile I felt a bit guilty, but within the last few months the original owners sold the cafe, so I like to feel as if I’m helping keep the spirit of the old store alive. 😉

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