Tomato Basil Pasta

Last night my partner worked late at the bookstore, which never really motivates me to go all out for dinner. To be honest, if I’m spending the night alone I’m most likely to forget to eat altogether, or just snack my way throughout the day.

I saw the recipe for Tomato Basil Cream Pasta posted on VeganYumYum the other day and was dying to try it. Cashews and pasta are one of my favorite combinations; the promise of it being “super quick” made me all the more eager.

Without any exaggeration, this recipe was as delicious as it was easy– not to mention cheap! I ended up with 3 servings for about $4. I started boiling the pasta at 7:50 and was leaving Lolo a comment by 8:10. And, since most of the work involves letting the food do it’s thing on the stove top, clean-up from prepping is a snap!

I’m not gonna lie. I’m making this again tonight 🙂

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