Buffalo Wing Tofu w/Coconut Rice & Lime

Having Chris go gluten-free after a 6-month long intestinal civil war really turned our kitchen on its head, although mostly in a good way as it prompted me to try lots of new things. Tried ‘n’ true methods we used to turn to for flavoring our tofu got canned as soon as we had to stop cooking with wheaty ingredients– teriyaki sauce being the big one. Good grief, what I wouldn’t give for a gluten-free version of Soy Vay Teriyaki Sauce. WOOF.

While perusing the market’s shelf of dressings and marinades one day we took a shining to a bottle of buffalo wing sauce that was not only gluten-free, but surprisingly minimal on the ingredients altogether (not to mention fat free and extremely low-calorie!). It was on sale, so of course we tried it. And now… Well, now Chris enjoys it on almost everything he eats. 🙂

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Sundried Tomato Pasta

We tend to eat a lot of pasta in this house, and at this point the very thought of spaghetti sends shivers down my spine. I like to make this alternative as a not-quite-lunch but not-quite-dinner meal (linner?). It’s light and sits well in the tummy, but is still full of flavor, texture and stuff that’s actually good for you.

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Crispy Fried Tofu


Recently I’ve started to get a little more creative when cooking my tofu. Normally I’d just slice it, throw it on the skillet with some garlic powder and call it good. But making crispity crunchity tofu is easy if you’ve got some cornstarch and common spices lying around. Mix and match your spice rack to suit your tastes. Sometimes I like to simply add salt and lots of black pepper to my cornstarch, and other times I go straight for the Chik’Nish Seasoning.

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Roasted Root Vegetables w/Tofu & Kale

Ever since I witnessed my room mate do this with her potatoes and beets, I’ve had a constant stock of root vegetables and tofu in the fridge. This dish has it all: it’s cheap, fast, healthy and delicious! Not to mention the fact that it’s the perfect Fall food. I’m super in love.

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(No) Chicken Chinese Salad

I haven’t made this salad mix in over a year, but for some reason I got a huge craving for it today. So glad I ran to the store to pick up the ingredients! Not only is it a jiffy to make, but it sits lightly in my stomach, unlike most sandwiches. Granted, since I don’t buy dairy anymore it was a bit less exciting without the cream cheese on toasted Rye, but it can definitely hold its own in a dairy-free environment.

To be completely honest this is one of a few recipes I hijacked from a cafe I used to work at back home and adapted to my tastes– which included throwing out the chicken that is traditionally used. For awhile I felt a bit guilty, but within the last few months the original owners sold the cafe, so I like to feel as if I’m helping keep the spirit of the old store alive. 😉

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