Chai from Scratch

Sometimes making stuff from scratch isn’t always as practical as just going to the store and paying someone to give it to you quick and dirty (wait, that didn’t come out right…).

For most folks, I imagine homemade chai will fall into that category. It’s not like the salsa recipe I posted last week, which was easy, cost efficient and full of simple ingredients found in any grocery store. With chai, while most of the ingredients are pretty simple, there are things like whole star anise and cardamom pods that might scare some away.

But, stay with me here, because I promise it’s worth it.

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Frothed Tea Latte

Some time ago I read that you can froth milk using a French Press, but thought it sounded silly and never tried. I’d been wanting another French Press for non-coffee related purposes and found this little fella at my local Goodwill for 4 measly dollars — ask and ye shall receive! — so naturally, the first thing I did when I got home with this thing was make hot cocoa.

The results were like buttery smooth delish chocolatey velvet.

Anyway, it’s possible, guys! Recipe for a hot tea latte after the froth porn.

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Cold Brewed Coffee & Simple Vanilla Syrup

Recently, my love affair with coffee has expanded into territories greater than it tastes good and keeps me awake. It all started with the Chemex; I have always been interested in the slow food movement, and the Chemex seemed like a great way to start. Plus, it’s all food + science + art… How can you go wrong?

Oh, that’s right– it needs filters! That little detail has kept me at bay (for now), because above all, I like to keep it real and by “real” I mean I am too forking lazy to go hunting around for a special series of filters.

Then I found a French press at Goodwill for a few bucks and have been testing the waters with that. It’s not the fanciest by any means (and I even cracked the lid my first time using it. Oops!), but it gets the jyurb dun, makes better tasting coffee than I’ve ever made at home, and is easy to store.

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